Friday, February 19, 2010

UND Writers Conference 2010

UND Writers Conference March 23-27, 2010
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This year, the focus of the UND Writers Conference is electronic literature. “Our” writer this time around is Deena Larsen. She’ll be joining us for dinner on Tuesday, March 23, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Eagle’s Crest at the Kings’ Walk golf course in Grand Forks. Artist Cecillia Condit, will be joining us, too, and writer Nick Montfort might be with us, as well!

This year’s Writers Conference focuses on digital/electronic literature, so you have to go to these folks’ websites to read/see their work. There are no print copies for us to give you.
Space is limited, so they'll save spots for the first ten people who respond to Kim.

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deenalarsen said...


May I suggest some "free" reading materials on electronic lit?

I'm simply saying is a fun little piece with music that can get you into the mood for elit. Go to
and click on the blue ball.

Faith, by Rob Kendall, is another fun little piece that moves along. Go to and click on the word "Faith"

If you want more in this fun world, see my webshelf (like a bookshelf only online) that is organized by how much time you will need to read and enjoy a work.